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We sell our freezer beef by live animal weight.  The price will fluctuate with the market.  You may purchase the beef as a whole or a half.  You will be responsible for all processing fees by the facility.


Whole beef purchases will be delivered to a slaughter house of your choice within 60 miles of our farm.  

We prefer half beef purchases to be processed at a local facility to expedite the sale of the remaining half.

Please call or e-mail if you are interested in purchasing a beef.  Harvest appointments must be made 2-3 months in advance at most facilities.

How Much Meat Will I Get?

The graphic above shows the percentage breakdown of where the meat comes from in the beef.

Click the UT Extension publication for a great explanation of dressing percentage, hanging weight, and percentage of usable meat.


A 800 pound live animal that dresses 62% would have a hanging weight of 496 pounds.  This animal would have approximately 365 pounds of take home meat cuts.  This is an estimate that will vary based on factors outlined in the UT publication.


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